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Last year more people got married in the Silver Terrace cemeteries then got buried.

The Comstock cemeteries, located in Nevada have hosted numerous groups of people since 1859 and they have all left a mark on the landscapes; The Mourner, The Visitor, The Vandal, and The Tourist.


Under such circumstances, when a poor fellow fell sick, his recovery could only be regarded as a matter of luck. No record of the deaths was kept. The mass of the emigration were strangers to each other, and it concerned nobody in particular when a man pegged out, except to put him in a hole somewhere out of the way.      

J. Ross Browne, 1860

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The cemeteries are not open during the evening and no exceptions are made to this Storey County code except on Halloween when the site is monitored 24-7.


Over the years, and recently, ghost hunters, vandals, and thieves have left a negative mark on these sites and public visitation is controlled for the cemeteries as it is for modern sites.


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