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Landscape Plan for Jewish Cemetery Overlook
Jewish Cemetery seen in the distance as taken from the road to Scorpian Hill cemetery (second Catholic site). UNR Special Collections; 1890c

August 4, 1863, Hebrew Cemetery

This is a very handsome plat of ground, nicely cleaned off and substantially fenced, of about 100  feet square. We notice several fine grave spots staked off, but at the present only the remains of one person occupies the ground, and we paused for awhile and allowed our eyes to rest upon the solitary grave, situated at the northwest corner of the cemetery


1864 Eureka Society

Mercantile guide & Directory for Virginia City, Gold HIll, Silver City & American City 1864-65

The Eureka (Hebrew) Society have purchased a plot of ground on Cedar Hill, to be used as a cemetery, which they have fenced in and otherwise improved. The Society have displayed a great deal of good taste, and expended a large sum of money in ornamenting their grounds.